Dangerous but friend


Not every pitbull is dangerous.

The name Pitbull is dangerous, in Which bulls, why would not it be Dangerous? they are very powerful And clever. it is believed that dogs Are the most loyal animals in our World. but everyone is afraid of this Dog, if anyone even hears its name, They are scared of the same name These dogs are very stubborn and They have the strongest part in their Body. they cannot be managed by a Single man because if you want it Will pull you. they attack as soon as they feel the danger of their boss or Family. most people know it as Pitbull but its real name is american Pit bull terrier( APBT) these dogs Are mostly kept for fighting and for Fear of scare and they are kept very Badly. these dogs have a very good Speciality and they learn what can Teach up to the age of 3 months, no Matter how much you chase it those Who have understood. stay the same Will not change. chicken is not good For these dogs if you are raising it For family then because you give it Chicken is dangerous for you too. This will be dangerous things about It, but will this friend be from? first Thing is how you make it dangerous Or cute it will remain the same as You or your lifetime. they will Always try to be around you no Matter how much you beat it you Will be in love with it, which will not Be done by any special friend of Yours and it will always protect you. People will think that never keep a Pitbull, never think it is wrong and That they surely understand what Pitbulls have or want to keep. i jus Want to say that whatever these Breeds would not have been madeby Any person, there was no fault of Theirs. they are very lovely and cute Dogs.instead of being afraid of Them, love them and adopt them And look after them because i am a Owner of pitbull and his name is Pardhan and he is very cute Someone wants to adopt a pitbull or Any other dog kindly contact me on Whatsapp 8130830751


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