We do not need advice

Hello friends how are you all please all of You stay safe at home. nobody cares about Anyone here but even then, every person Gives needless advice, you will not ask Anything but he will impose his advice on You. if we have not a neighbor or a person Giving advice, then our life would be 50% Better. if our result has come, the our Family members do not give any advice, They give double advice and when they do So, they feel like they should tear their head First. and the worst is when papa says Sharma ji was saying that after 12th do this Course, life will be set. that means, sharma Ji, what he say is right and what about us, Life is ours and we should not think Anything for ourselves. in india, we are Adult after 18 years but we never wrapped Up our life decisions.if you are a boy, do a Course, study and do a quick job, and then Marriage and if you are a girl so, instead of Studiyng, it is simply just marriage and that Is also the reason for someone’s advice. America’s successes become successful only After age of 16 as compared to india, Because they take their own decisions and Do not follow their neighbor and somone Else advice modi ji says to be self Dependent but if we follow the advice of Others, then you will remain as servants i Do not say that every person gives the Wrong advice but never listen to the wrong Adviser and when they say that son, you Have not seen anything yet, we have seen The world so you ask them that you have a Passport or visa that the world will not give Advice again and you will identify yourself Right and wrong. i just want to say that you Listen to yourself and do everything in your Life or else you will think that how i would Have listened to my heart.



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